Psoriasis Cream Dermatitis Eczema Ointment Treatment Scaly Plaques Psoriasis Tinea Pedis Relieve Itch

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Efficacy: Dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, skin allergies, hand and foot tinea, foot odor, itchy feet, tinea corporis, tinea versicolor, psoriasis, mosquito bites, acne, blisters, peeling, skin pruritus, etc. Skin disinfection and sterilization and fungal paronychia A variety of skin infections caused by fungus.

Instant and lasting itch relief
Reduce redness and swelling
Intensive moisturizer
Promote cell repair and cell regeneration
Helps prevent re-occurrence of flair ups
Absorbs quickly and spreads smoothly
Can be safely used on hands, feet and scalp
Light, Non-Greasy Formula, won't clog pores
Pleasant natural smell, no artificial scents or colors