Silicone Rainbow Push Bubble Toys Squeezing Toy Anti-Stress Numbers

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15pcs/Pack Silicone Numbers Push Bubble Sensory Squeezing Toy Anti-stress Relaxing Toys Anxiety Stress Relieve Autism Special Needs Decompression for Adults Children

1. The rules of the game is simple and easy to understand, children, the elderly can play, or a very good family parent-child interactive toy game.
2. Small size, can be squeezed and pulled without deformation, convenient storage, easy to carry.
3. Brain logic and reasoning, oral and mental arithmetic, odd and even numbers, integrated planning and other abilities to prevent brain degeneration.
4. When you press the bubble button, the bubble will make a slight thumping sound, then flip it over and start again.
5. Made of environmentally friendly materials and can be endlessly reused and washed.
6. Bright colors and shapes, press the bubble button there is a pleasant sound (note that due to the production process there is a side to press the sound will be smaller), but also will certainly make your children feel satisfied.
7. Multifunctional use, both as a toy can also be used as a tea coaster, the ideal gift for your friends.
8. This push bubble toy is a great sensory toy, you can repeatedly press down again and again, top up. By repeating a single action to help children and adults in high stress or anxiety states to relieve and vent stress, these toys are perfect for offices, homes, churches, libraries, stations, special education classrooms, physical therapy and sensory rooms, and travel.
9. You can enjoy the fun anytime and anywhere: no accessories not easy to lose, compact size, durable, you can enjoy fiddling by yourself or invite friends to a quick brain game, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the fun of the game.
10. To clean, simply rinse in the sink and air dry.
11. This product is not only a pressable stress relieving toy, but also can be used for digital awareness education.