Egg Roll Mode Non-Stick Omelet Waffles for The Baking Pan Cake

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Egg Roll Mode Non-Stick Omelet Waffles For The Baking Pan Cake Aluminium Alloy Bakeware Crispy Machine Omelet Mold Bakeware Tool

Material: Cast aluminum

Coating: the international RoHS / FDA / LFGB quality inspection, in line with international food safety, non-stick non-toxic, and ease of use.

Use: no power on the open flame of the gas furnace class, and should not be used for the induction cooker.

Purposes: to make ice cream, crispy tube anti-stick mold release, a clear pattern, the handle with the lock, closed lock. The batter is not easy outflow.

Scope: family baking, gas stoves

Weight: 564g