Tooth Whitening Teeth Powder Remove Yellow Smoke Coffee Stains Dental Care Tool

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Efficacy: Clean the mouth, reduce tooth stains,reduce plaque, and breath fresh.

1. Protect the gums.
Provides protein and protects enamel.
2. Whitening teeth
Teeth are as bright as pearls.
3. Remove stains from teeth
Say goodbye to the black and yellow teeth.
4. Fresh breath
Eliminate bad breath and make you confident.

Effects: Brighten and whiten teeth while protecting gums and enamel and keeping your mouth with fresh breath.Enjoy your coffee,Needn't worry yellow teeth even you drink more coffee.

How to Use:

1. Clean your mouth with warm water before using dental powder.
2. Then wipe the tooth surface with a cotton swab.
3. Rinse with hot water until teeth are clean.